EES - August 2010

August 2010

Building commissioning yields energy savings

Rapidly spiraling electricity costs in South Africa have resulted in an emphasis on and research into energy saving systems. A relatively new system, that of ‘building commissioning’, is proving to be an effective strategy in reducing long-term energy usage and costs, and decreasing global warming emissions from buildings. read more

Legacy benefits for tourism

The World Cup has brought infrastructural spinoffs to the South African hotel, hospitality and tourism industry, which went to tremendous lengths to meet the needs of World Cup visitors who came here from all corners of the world. It is vital now to harness the expertise that went into developing this industry, and make every effort to keep this momentum going. read more
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The legacy of a remarkable event

Most post-World Cup accounts state that this outstanding event has undoubtedly demonstrated to the world that South Africa has the infrastructure and capability to attract foreign investment, and that we will see enhanced trade as a result.

Some have likened the impact of the revitalised image it has given this country and its marketing value for Brand SA to that associated with the release of Nelson Mandela two decades ago.

Reports also suggest it will lead to further investment and growth in infrastructure and construction sectors going forward.

A recent study by Deloitte has apparently revealed that '77% of senior business executives surveyed in the United States believe that, over the next five years, infrastructure - both public and private - will become a more important factor in determining where they locate their operations to accommodate for expected growth.'

Crucial to this future growth and infrastructural development is of course energy, with an emphasis on the promotion of energy efficiency and environmentally sound, sustainable energy practices in the built environment. A new practice that is becoming increasingly popular in the States and can be beneficial in facilitating energy savings here in South Africa is building commissioning.

One of the key sectors to be considered and developed with regard to energy saving opportunities in buildings is the hotel industry, as it is believed that post-World Cup will leave legacy benefits for tourism.

It is now the time for us to harness the skills, knowledge, programmes, drive and motivation which came to the fore in preparation for this spectacular, global sports event, and for each and every one of us to contribute to and make the most of the tremendously enhanced perception of South Africa, the legacy of the event, and its positive impact on investment, trade and the economy.

Bradley Hemphill
Managing Director