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August 2014

Business in Africa

The challenges of doing business in Africa (30/07/2014)

“Recently released facts and figures regarding industrial, business and economic growth in Africa paint an optimistic and encouraging outlook. However, to see only a buoyant picture would be exceedingly one-sided. Reality and challenges need to be faced and a balanced perspective reached.”

This is according to Jaco Cronje, Operations Director for EES Africa (Pty) Ltd, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company providing management, engineering and auditing services to a range of industries throughout Africa. It specialises in the integration of multiple system infrastructure including ICT, data centres, audio visual, life safety, security and building automation systems.

Cronje discusses the issues involved in doing business in Africa, and outlines the most appropriate steps industry players in the continent should take going forward.

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EES - Making a better Africa through technology solutions and social upliftment

EES is privileged to have contributed to some of the biggest projects in the African continent. We have recently completed contracts in Rwanda, Uganda, Guinea, Congo, Namibia and the Ivory Coast. The challenges faced in Africa give birth to new technologies and enable the intelligent use of available technologies to create new solutions. We are gearing ourselves up to push the boundaries in technology to help make Africa a better place.


Our initiatives have prompted us to write a white paper on the diverse challenges and opportunities that come with doing business in Africa. Jaco Cronje, Operations Director for EES, takes a look at the issues involved and considers the most appropriate steps players in Africa should take going forward. He emphasises that it is crucial a win-win situation be achieved by both those pursuing business opportunities across borders as well as citizens resident in countries belonging to the greater African continent. This release on a similar subject hones in more specifically on the technical challenges.  


In honour of Nelson Mandela Day, the EES Africa Johannesburg team spent time at Salvazione Primary School in Brixton, Johannesburg, helping young children to improve their literacy skills through a reading program. The Cape Town team spent their morning giving much needed attention and care to orphaned babies and children at Little Angels Day Care in Westlake, Cape Town.  


How is your company contributing to technological and social developments in Africa? Have a read through our articles and let’s have a chat about how we can assist with your initiatives and growth strategy in the continent.  


Bradley Hemphill

Managing Director