December 2010

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From My Pen

An extraordinary year draws to a close

The 2010 World Cup, potentially the most significant and distinctive nationwide event our country has experienced in many years, has come and gone. However its legacy in the form of an exciting new 'Brand South Africa', unsurpassed infrastructure investment and implementation of cutting edge technology (not to mention the hope and promise of enhanced global trade and investment) lives on.

As expected, this extraordinary period has encouraged and resulted in many strong and enduring partnerships with construction companies and service providers. As we come to the end of 2010 with the festive season almost upon us, this is a fitting time to say a great big THANK YOU, for the support and commitment from all our partners this year. We at EES wish you a safe and peaceful time with your families.

It is of course not only our stakeholders in the form of our clients and service providers that must be appreciated, and I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the EES team for their highly valued contribution to the industry and unwavering loyalty to EES.

Post-World Cup we, and I'm sure many in our industry, have had to look inward and recalibrate ourselves to ensure that we remain dynamic and adaptable to the nature of changing industry conditions. Acclimatising to new circumstances comes with its own set of challenges; we have for example had to re-assess and fine-tune our processes and systems.

I trust that these moves and changes will be of benefit to the industry, and that they will stand ourselves, our clients and all those we deal with in good stead going forward.

Firmly believing that 2011 will be exciting and stimulating, I sincerely wish each and every one of you reading this newsletter a happy and prosperous New Year.

Bradley Hemphill
Managing Director