EES - December 2012

December 2012

From My Pen

Be smart this season and welcoming in 2013

Much of our work is aimed at making buildings smarter, more capable of efficient operation and user functionality.

During the course of this year it has been encouraging to see an increasing awareness of what is needed in order to achieve energy conservation – a critical goal in today’s world. More and more people are recognizing that inter-connected building systems and the necessity to measure and monitor these systems is fundamental to energy reduction

So when we’re reminded that commercial buildings account for up to 40% of energy consumption (ref: “Why buildings are smarter than you think”, Dave Bartlett, 11/19/2012) yet waste approximately 50% of this energy, we know that there is still much work to be done.

This is especially pertinent in encouraging building owners and developers to appoint the ‘fourth service’ engineer on their project/design team, the ICT Engineer.

For now though, we rest and take a seasonal break to enjoy valuable time with family and friends, and rejuvenate our mind, body and spirit.

We wish you a peaceful and safe festive season.

Bradley Hemphill